...the drawing, the model, the map, the treatise-manifesto, the diagram and of course, the building - the poem, the speech, the letter, the song and the dance

"'Race', understood here both as an overarching, essentialising trope of 'difference' and as the day-to-day experiential racist reality of millions, and how a deeper understanding of its complexities might reflect on architecture is the conversation we, as practitioners, educators, theorists, black and white (as if those were the only available categories) never have." - White Papers, Black Marks 15

"I came into the world imbued with the will to find the meaning in things, my spirit filled with the desire to attain to the source of the world, and then I found that I was an object in the midst of other objects" - Frantz Fanon, The Fact of Blackness

"I do have a right to interact with architecture as a cultural discipline, not merely as a person who is able to make decision. I have a right to articulate how architecture feels, to me, and what makes it manifest; to be able to experience and relay architecture beyond the object of someone else's examinations and beyond a traditional academic perspective; to simply place my experience at the centre and use that location for seeing and understanding" - LaVerne Wells-Bowie, Art on My Mind

"Historical analysis has generally supported the view that the role of the architect is to project on the ground the images of social institutions, translating the economic or political structure of society into buildings or groups of buildings. Hence architecture was, first and foremost, the adaption of space to the existing socio-economic structure" - Tschumi, Bernard, Architecture and Disjunction

"What has principally governed the 'flow' of black labour is the underlying rhythms and flow of British capital.But what has regulated the flow is, of course, legislative (i.e political) action. And what has prepared the ground for this use of black labour as a fluid and endlessly 'variable' factor in British industry is the growth of racism (ideology)" Policing the Crisis

" Let us not begin at the beginning, nor even at the archive. But rather at the word "archive" - and with the archive of so familiar a word. Arkhe we recall, names at once the commencement and the commandment. This name apparently coordinates two principles in one: the principle according to nature or history, there where things commence - physical, historical, or ontological principle - but also the principle according to the law, there where men and gods command, there where authority, social order are exercised, in this place from which order is given - nomological principle." - Archive Fever JACQUES DERRIDA

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