Fxrum [notes]


The Fxrum [pronounced 'The Forum'] was a research group who met between 3/2018-11/2018 in and around Goldsmiths, University. Researchers gathered every Wednesday to exchange, analyse, listen and share on questions of race, gender, class and religion. The discussions worked through the ancestral media of people who have familial roots + routes with countries across the globe.


The construction of an apparatus to constitute channels that contest, interpret and make sense of how race organises legal, economic and social formations. Eyal Weizmans notion of a forum is defined as a triangulation between "a contested object or site, an interpreter tasked with translating "the language of things," and the assembly of a public gathering." He writes how the forum operates in relation to a field which is "a dynamic and elastic territory, a force field that is shaped by but also shapes conflict." The apparatus of the fxrum, in relation to Weizman's configuration, extends the term away from the exclusiveness of a court of law and the scientific practice of forensics and medicine within it, towards practices of gathering which listen to, contest and wo/manifest critical tools that aim to transform the spatiality of race


"Historical analysis has generally supported the view that the role of the architect is to project on the ground the images of social institutions, translating the economic or political structure of society into buildings or groups of buildings. Hence architecture was, first and foremost, the adaption of space to the existing socio-economic structure" - Tschumi, Bernard, Architecture and Disjunction